• “Analog synths and washed-out guitars swirl their way through Season of 1000 Colors, the band’s newest release. There’s more reverb on the album than My Morning Jacket’s early work, but Estrangers anchor all of the tunes with the sort of bold hooks that used to land bands a spot on the Ed Sullivan Show… Looking for your new summertime album? Here it is.” - American Songwriter

    “On the strength of their latest LP, Season of 1000 Colors, the Winston-Salem quintet Estrangers have moved to the front of the line for North Carolina’s next breakout act. Estrangers’ growth arc has been steep and impressive… Now, with these dozen pop nuggets from Season, Estrangers doesn’t so much break the mold as refine it into something with better focus and reach. It’s a half-hour joyride through summer pop riffs, all propelled by pounding 4/4 beats. The grander hooks glow with rich, warm textures, the gift of recording to 2-inch tape… With Estrangers' latest leap forward, it’s as though adding the ’60s and ’80s together brought us into the vivid present.” - Hopscotch Music Festival

    “Winston-Salem-based Estrangers’ last sonic trek, the humble Sunmelt EP, was decidedly rougher around the edges than its 2011 album, Black Ballroom. The five-piece outfit seems to have been yearning for the opposite approach on its sophomore full-length Season of 1000 Colors. The degraded acoustics of its previous effort are traded for a sterilized sheen, making the earnestness of pieces like bolting pop tune "Monarchs" almost disarming. But there's no need for alarm: the surf-tinged track is full of space, letting the band's instrumentation hang in the open air while waves of warm guitars knock up against equally maxed-out keyboards as vocalist Philip Pledger see-saws his way through the tune.” -AdHoc

    Estrangers = Beach House on uppers + Boards of Canada. By every merit, this is a conventional summer-nostalgia pop rock album. If you've been holding out for more aimless summer driving music since Real Estate's Days two years ago, this is your next pony. With every track awash in warm psychedelic framework and calliope synth underlays, Season of 1000 Colors seeks to brighten up sundrenched introverts originally ailed by sugary depression, caused by Teen Dreams, with songs like "Cape Fear." Estrangers' lead vocalist, Philip Pledger, sounds like a plainclothes Jeff Buckley, with his bright-eyed warbles on most of the album... Although the band may not liven up your summer to the exciting expectations of a beer commercial, Estrangers are still definitely very supplemental to anyone's summer mix list. And for once (bonus points), they don't live anywhere near the Pacific Coast.” - Slug Mag

    Winston-Salem sextet singer Philip Pledger of Estrangers bares the warm characteristic tone of Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold. Pledger takes on the backing whimsical, shambling instrumentation with folk-like command. His verses arc and bow with the rising tide of guitars, organs, percussion and odd peculiarities, the staple of recording with analog equipment... The result is warm, fuzzy and frenzied chamber pop, which at times echoes the instrumentation found on a Belle and Sebastian album, if they were to dabble in lo-fi psychedelia… The combination of piano and guitars, progressive rhythms and strong, melody-heavy songwriting is a sad-day antidote. The songwriting remains unified throughout, which underscores the band’s characteristic, slightly experimental core.  Season is a strong addition to the library any lo-fi fanatic waiting for a new Elephant Six era.” - Performer Mag

  • ESTRANGERS make the kind of classic pop that hides in plain sight, the kind that lingers in the blown-out speakers of vintage thrift store amplifiers and makes you wonder why you stopped listening. Towering melodies, cavernous guitar reverb, lush analog synths and crashing bass & drums are bound together in their bright-eyed Rock and Roll stylings.

    A labor of love nurtured by singer/guitarist Philip Pledger after a bit of a rough patch, Estrangers emerged from the ashtrays and smokestacks of the old industrial city of Winston-Salem in the summer of 2011, cutting through the haze of an oft- apathetic town with a surprising, honest vibrance and potent energy. Within the first six months of their existence they had recorded and released Black Ballroom, an 8-song debut EP rich with promise, and shared stages with heralded groups like Unknown Mortal Orchestra & Titus Andronicus.

    Yet in the months that followed, the group found themselves drifting. With the departure of two original members and a lack of clear musical direction, the future of Estrangers grew uncertain. At times, the band's newer material showed an infatuation with raucous and raw Californian garage rock, while at others they found themselves swimming in cascading keyboard sounds and airy guitar riffs.

    The synthesis of those elements bore Sunmelt EP, a summery lo-fi experiment in playful songwriting, uninhibited by the expectations and pressures of a pristine studio recording environment. Its warm vibe carried resemblance to a forgotten cassette, left on the dashboard of a car to be warped by the sun, caramelized in psychedelic color and warble. While rough around the edges, the EP held two enduring gifts in its title track and "Scatterheart," songs that would be re-recorded for the band's first true full-length. As they finished out the remainder of 2012's regional show schedule, Pledger's collection of new demos quietly grew, and the foundations for Estrangers' new album were laid.

    It would be hard to imagine Season of 1000 Colors coming to fruition any other way. For four wintery days in January 2013, the band hid away in the modest Sunnyside neighborhood of southside Winston-Salem and committed their album to 24- track analog tape, with local-via-Detroit legend Ryan Pritts (Burglar F*cker, Paik) manning the console.

    At first listen, Season of 1000 Colors is the logical successor of Sunmelt: an album bursting at the seams with brilliant psych- pop hues, delivered with focus and captured with shimmering highs and throbbing lows. "Cape Fear" accosts the listener early with bombastic and romantic exuberance, part cinematic dreamscape and part Italian beach excursion. The coastal imagery the song paints isn't wasted on the record as a whole; the album ebbs and flows like a wash of sea-salted melodrama. Sun-bleached joyride "Dayzd" bleeds through "Moonraker"s villainous groove into the pounding, surf-inflected "Monarchs," before finding a soft landing on the haunting specter of "Hold Me Close (L'Inverno)." Late-album party-starter "Love's Pure Light" finds Estrangers conjuring darker elements, before "Mrs. Bee"s pensive introduction and antiphonal conclusion help wrap-up the album like Ram-era McCartney

    Ultimately, Season of 1000 Colors is the byproduct of tireless and uncompromising pop songwriting. It's an album in the truest sense, bearing a dazzling array of inpidual gems but delivering rewarding emotional poignancy upon listening as a whole. With a string of exciting shows slated for the summer, including a coveted slot at Raleigh's Hopscotch Music Festival in September, Estrangers stand poised to take their place as one of the imminent indie pop groups the east coast has to offer. 

  • "For the uninitiated, T0W3RS sounds a little like the alt-J singer joining STRFKR to cover LCD Soundsystem. Check out TL;DR‘s blend of slick vocals, shimmering guitars, and tight beats..." - Entertainment Weekly

    "Raleigh, NC’s Derek Torres takes the brightest parts of synth pop and twists them into self-deprecating nuggets of alone-on-the-dance-floor anthems.” - CMJ

    "T0W3RS has harnessed the perfect infusion of indie and electro with a crisper, more intuitive sound, lyrical depth, and none of the fluff that sometimes taints indie music." - Culture Collide

    "I am going to have a hard time describing this other than to say it was the best thing I have ever seen at any Hopscotch. I'm not shy to go to that level with what he has done. He has this massive band, six or seven people I think. Everybody is dressed to the nines, and there he is, and he's channeling this character. He's got these Michael Jackson dance moves out of nowhere, and he's channeling Beck, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger and Dan Bejar, all at the same time. He's developed this magnetic frontman persona that I have never seen him have… It was above and beyond. It was not just that Derek did an amazing job, it was that he pulled this shit out of nowhere. It was packed. There was a line around the block, and for good reason. The new songs are great - I'm still processing the entire affair. For the final song, these two women in skin-tight silver bodysuits with masks painted on came out with platforms, and they did this choreographed contortionist dance thing — one of them was Derek's sister, he said. The level of talent on that stage didn't make sense. I'm amazed that I saw that at all.” - Creative Loafing

    "The spacey synth notes of T0W3RS' "Cups" soon give way to an ebullient chorus that's sure to get toes tapping... it’s a fun little tune that moves from spacey, echoey synths in the beginning to a joyous latter section, accented by some plinking percussion." - PopMatters

    "Justin wouldn’t budge... A huge mistake, because I ended up missing the T0W3RS set that everybody raved about later that night." - Paste Magazine on T0W3RS' performance at Hopscotch Music Festival 2014

    "Best Local Act... Backed by a full band and featuring performances from two silver spandex-clad areal dancers, the show was an absolute full-on celebration. With a stage presence reminiscent of my best memories of Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, Torres led the crowd into a glittery frenzy..." - Posture Magazine on T0W3RS' performance at Hopscotch Music Festival 2014

    "Lead songwriter and singer Derek Torres has used his T0W3RS moniker to go from lo-fi, country-tinged psychedelia to expansive, galloping future-pop to, most recently, an electronic-heavy collection of song-sermons that pull Torres’ innermost feelings into sharper focus. A band turned solo act, T0W3RS hasn’t lost any of the momentum amassed by a steady stretch of heralded live sets. In fact, at WKNC’s annual Double Barrel Benefit in February, Torres lit up a jammed Cat’s Cradle as if exploring the stage for the first time, unencumbered by traditional instrumentation. The evolution of T0W3RS may never be easy to trace, but it will always be fun to share in." - Hopscotch Music Festival

    "Whether instigating scavenger hunts or playing shows as a karaoke version of his own band, Derek Torres has always been creative when it comes to the experimental indie pop of T0W3RS. The template has shifted from rock to pop and, in the last year, from a full band to a solo project… His new "Silk Hope" grows from a disco shrug to a classic rock cruiser. There's no question the band's a moving target, but thus far it's been an entertaining one." - INDY Weekly

  • Based in the blooming cultural hub of Raleigh, North Carolina, T0W3RS (pronounced “towers”) isn’t quite what you’d expect from a 27-year-old dude with a math degree. Once a genre-defying pop rock five-piece led by Derek Torres, T0W3RS took the unsuspecting south by storm in 2010 with the release Torres’ self-recorded Summertime cassette EP. Soon after, the band found themselves on bills supporting acts like Danny Brown, Here We Go Magic, Woods and Flosstradamus, before capitalizing on all those good vibes with their debut full-length If All We Have is Time (2012).

    Yet despite upward momentum and their gem-ridden WYATT EP in 2013, the band split as members moved on to different projects and locales. Torres himself took some time to reflect and regroup, but he didn’t regroup as much as ungroup: now, T0W3RS has returned to a solo effort that combines organic rock instrumentation and electronic sound palettes with lyrical sincerity and intuitive melodies that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head in the best way.

    Recorded in a year’s time at Torres’ Carrboro home, TL;DR opens with the sweet and light-on-its-feet “Cups” before diving into earworms like “The Situation,” a mid-tempo banger that hits like a forgotten 90’s arena anthem filtered through Passion Pit synths. Side B’s “Silk Hope” throws back to the goldmined goodness of 70’s disco, while “Elasticity” harkens back to Torres’ own history with hooky indie rock tunes. Live, T0W3RS creates a fun, dance-friendly atmosphere that doesn’t bend to the emptiness so frequently found in cutesy indie pop acts. Torres’ dance moves and energy are reminiscent of Future Islands’ Sam Herring, but with a twist of some of the slick disco-inspired production of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. You’ll hear graceful, fun covers of The Velvet Underground’s “Rock & Roll” and Phosphorescent’s “Song for Zula” woven in seamlessly among Torres’ upbeat tunes.

    Coming in at just over 35 minutes, TL;DR captures the new T0W3RS at the height of Torres’ focus, creativity and vision. The record will be released on November 11 as a white 12” vinyl record, CD and digital download via Phuzz Records.

  • "In both confident falsetto and eyes-closed belting, lead singer Harry Harrison sings a cautionary tale about trying not to make choices that screw you over later in life: “Got a funny feeling that I don’t think this is working for me/ I can't see my life at 40/I can’t tell a single story.” He repeats a chorus of “Why do you care?”, as if to give the ‘idc’-using masses their theme song and drive home the point that nothing’s worth all that anguished sweat." - Impose

    "Asheville, North Carolina four-piece The Tills have developed a reputation around the Southeast for their classic rock inclinations and garage-pop vibe. Now, the band is set to release Howlin’ this week via Winston-Salem’s Phuzz Records. The 7” will include four songs, including the title track, and each record will come with a download card for two additional tracks. Recorded at the Fidelitorium in Kernersville, N.C., all six songs on the EP were recorded between two 12-hour sessions." - Paste Magazine

    "Founded as The Critters, the Asheville garage-pop outfit was forced into a name-change when another Critters, a somewhat successful ‘60s band, threatened to sue. But with the new name... The Tills are reinvigorated. With the new chapter, the band summons the energy and enthusiasm of rookies, while their experience grants precision and confidence. Deftly toeing the line between rowdy Black Lips garage rock and crisp Strokes pop, The Tills offer sharp garage-pop brimming with energy but never stumbling into chaos." - Hopscotch Music Festival

    "The Tills (formerly The Critters) play every song like rock ‘n’ roll was just discovered and their veins run with undiluted caffeine. And that’s the elevator pitch for the local band’s new 7-inch, Howlin’ (out on Phuzz Records): A hyper-bombastic dash through Animals-era rock, made more jangly, more garage-y and, ultimately, more fun. The album’s four songs (six with downloads) are at once exhausting and not enough... The Tills will get you sweaty and breathless, no workout-wear required." - Mountain Xpress Asheville

    "Hot damn this some tasty garage rock. Sounds like it was pulled straight from a garage in the 60s, a bit of beachy vibe, a bit of punk, & 3 helpings of energy... These will be some of my top Garage tracks of the year. Get it and then brag about it once all your friends like them and this is sold out." - Sly Vinyl

    "Howlin’ is the group’s first release as The Tills. Much in the same vein musically as Visions of Light, it’s a step up for the band in pretty much every department. Recorded and mixed by famed North Carolinian Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement, Birds of Avalon) at his world class Fidelitorium Recordings, the disc balances clarity and filth in a way that recalls those brief but important years between 1977 and the overproduced mid-80’s. In other words Howlin’ is produced just enough. You can hear everything and the mix is excellent, with a lot of punch and an emphasis on live in the studio takes. Think Steve Albini’s production if he didn’t hate vocals so much. This brings me to another great aspect of this record, its vocal performances. Whereas a lot of bands get all shy in the studio (mic-o-phobia?) The Tills ham it up for the tape just like they do on stage. Yea, it’s way over the top but this is rock n’ roll right? Why so serious? The Tills have been working their groove for a minute and while two 7”s over the course of six years can hardly be called quantity, rest assured that Howlin’ is quality. Pressed on thick fuchsia vinyl by taste making Winston-Salem label Phuzz Records, it’s an impressive disc not only in sound but in looks as well. Highly recommended." - Fabricoh Magazine

    "As I made my way into the venue, I followed a group of people down a long, skinny, hallway, with a stream of water running the entire length from a leak in the ceiling. Little did I know, this was probably the perfect introduction to the band I was about to see. The Tills are the exact opposite of what I just saw; super energetic, grimy, 60s garage rock that teetered on the edge of collapsing into chaos. I loved it." - Willow Wood Music

  • Someone pass me a drink, answering “Who are The Tills?” in a handful of words just seems a bit redundant doesn’t it? I mean we all have our favorite rock bands, right... oh and what does rock even mean? Sure this band is more “garage” than “punk” but they’re still “pop” you know because they’ve got a hook or whatever. And then we just go on and on with vague genre descriptors or about what bands the band sounds like if you were to cherry pick different songs from different albums and make some kind of frankenstein record collection, and then we pretend like we’ve described them adequately - NOT. I don’t know what The Tills “sound like,” I just know how I feel leaving the show. And we all go to a lot of shows. But we don’t actually go to a lot of SHOWS. The ones where your shirt’s too drenched to even care anymore, the ones where whose beer is this? The SHOW shows where the band is a band and the audience is an audience, no matter how the spattered gathering of human beings felt about their collective status before paying the cover charge. That was then and this is now, and this is a rock show, pure palpable and unadulterated.

    If we’ve got to do this, THE TILLS are a rock band from (Thr)Asheville, North Carolina, unofficial resting place of the psychedelic spirits from some other party. The Tills are four men, four musicians, who with amplified instruments and a kit of drums perform absolutely killer rock songs. They have a lot of extremely stellar rock songs, some of which are criminally unknown, and some of which found their way beyond their zen state mountain haven onto a mixtape earlier this year. Some real bangers, songs to really get stoked to.

    Now there’s this new thing, and this new Extended Play recording is very good. Having recorded some pretty O.K. bands in his career, at this point we can assume Mitch Easter knows how to do a thing or two. If nothing else, we know that Mitch Easter has by some dark art captured The Tills in some kind of lightning in a bottle, lightning on analog tape, moment. There are loud noises, fun noises, not as loud noises, but always fun noises, noises that demand some kind of reaction, and elicit one, or many.

    This collection of six songs known by their title track as HOWLIN’ will be released as a red 7” vinyl record and digital E.P. on Tuesday, August 26 on dark horse Winston-Salem, North Carolina record label PHUZZ RECORDS. The same stellar songs that picked The Tills to play the album release show of astral travelers The Love Language (Merge) last year will guide The Tills to play the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh this September, supporting similarly rocking bands Reigning Sound and Jacuzzi Boys. I’m sure they’ll play more shows soon.

  • Estrangers
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      Wilmington, NC
      Wilmington Weekender w. The Tills, Astro Cowboy, Coy
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      Raleigh, NC
      Body Games EP Release Show w. C/\L/\PSE
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  • T0W3RS
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      Daddy Issues EP Release Party w. Free Clinic, Totally Slow
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      Collywobble Act III w. Hectorina, Aggrocragg, more...
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      Austin, TX
      Atypical Beasts / Pancakes & Whisky SXSW Takeover
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      Austin, TX
      The Future of Music SXSW Showcase
    • Apr 17
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      Foxygen, Ex Hex, Blackbird Blackbird, Trans Am, more...
    • Apr 18
      Pittsboro, NC
      Shakori Hills Music Festival
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      Charlotte, NC
      CLTure w. Desert Noises, Man Man, The Tills, more...
  • The Tills
    • Feb 28
      Asheville, NC
      Daddy Issues, Lonnie Walker, The Blots
    • Mar 13
      Wilmington, NC
      Wilmington Weekender w. Estrangers, Astro Cowboy, Coy
    • Mar 19
      Asheville, NC
      4 on the Floor w. Impossible Vacation, The Blots, Lake Lawn
    • Apr 17
      Winston-Salem, NC
      Foxygen, Ex Hex, Blackbird Blackbird, Trans Am, more...
    • Apr 24
      Asheville, NC
      Grand Opening Weekend w. The Black Lips, RJD2, more...
    • Jun 27
      Charlotte, NC
      CLTure w. Desert Noises, Man Man, T0W3RS, more...
  • T0W3RS' 'TL;DR' Streaming at Entertainment Weekly!
    Nov 06, 2014

    On Tuesday Culture Collide premiered "The Situation" from the upcoming T0W3RS record, and today Entertainment Weekly is streaming TL;DR in its entirety! In their words, "T0W3RS sounds a little like the alt-J singer joining STRFKR to cover LCD Soundsystem. Check out TL;DR‘s blend of slick vocals, shimmering guitars, and tight beats..." TL;DR is out this Tuesday, November 11 on white 12" vinyl, CD and digital, pre-order over at!

  • PopMatters Streaming New T0W3RS Track
    Oct 09, 2014

    T0W3RS - PopMatters

    Today we are proud to finally show a glimpse of the upcoming T0W3RS' record! PopMatters just premiered the first track from TL;DR, out November 11, about which they wrote: "The spacey synth notes of T0W3RS' "Cups" soon give way to an ebullient chorus that's sure to get toes tapping." Check out the writeup, and pre-order the new record on white vinyl, digital or CD over at bandcamp!

  • The Tills Release Shows This Week!
    Sep 12, 2014

    After months of anticipation, the time is here! The Tills will celebrate the release of their new 7" record with shows in Asheville and Charlotte this weekend, and Winston-Salem next weekend. Attendees in Asheville and Winston-Salem will be treated to a complimentary vinyl record when they pay to get into the show, with the option to snag one of these slick posters by Ron Liberti if they'd rather have a killer screen print. Congratulations to The Tills on making a truly awesome record, hope to see everyone this week!

  • Phuzz Day at Texas Pete Fest
    Sep 03, 2014

    Phuzz is proud to partner with Texas Pete Culinary Arts Festival to present a day of FREE music to close out what is bound to be an incredible weekend of food and music!

    In keeping with our mission, we're stoked to present nationally-acclaimed acts alongside North Carolina and Winston-Salem's own gem-ridden musical talent. On Sunday afternoon, September 21, we'll present Here We Go Magic (Brooklyn), Futurebirds (Athens), T0W3RS (Raleigh), The Genuine (Winston-Salem) and Cactus Black (Winston-Salem) on an outdoor stage the corner of 6th St and Cherry St. Head over to facebook for more info!

  • The Tills' Howlin' 7" out now!
    Aug 26, 2014

    VinylToday we are pleased to release Howlin' by The Tills, available as a cherry red 7" and 6-song digital download! Head on over to bandcamp, or pick it up at one of these North Carolina record stores:

    Earshot (Winston-Salem)
    Gravity Records (Wilmington)
    Harvest Records (Asheville)
    Lunchbox Records (Charlotte)
    Nice Price Books (Raleigh)
    Reanimator (Winston-Salem)
    Sorry State Records (Raleigh)
    Underdog Records (Winston-Salem)
    Voltage Records (Asheville) 

    Coming to more stores very soon!

  • Paste Magazine Streaming The Tills' New EP
    Aug 25, 2014

    Paste Magazine

    The Tills' new EP isn't out until tomorrow, but Paste Magazine is streaming it in its entirety today! Head on over to their blog and check it out!

  • Impose Premieres New Track by The Tills!
    Aug 14, 2014

    IMPOSEWe're stoked for the world to finally hear this, IMPOSE  has premiered a new track by The Tills from their upcoming record! Head over to their blog to check out the writeup, and pre-order the red 7" vinyl over at!

  • New Music by The Tills & T0W3RS Coming in 2014!
    Jun 04, 2014

    The Tills & T0W3RS

    We're excited and proud to announce we’ll be releasing new records by two of our absolute favorite artists, Asheville garage rockers The Tills and Raleigh psych-pop personality T0W3RS!

    On August 26 Phuzz will release a new yet-to-be-named EP by classic rock zealots The Tills, available as a deluxe 7" vinyl record and digital download. Recorded and mixed by the legendary Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement, Ex Hex) at his Fidelitorium Recordings studio, the EP captures smoldering definitive versions of songs upon which the band has built its raucously fun reputation. The vinyl 7” features 4 songs including instant garage-pop classics “Howlin’” and “Gee Golly,” as well as a digital download card offering 2 additional bonus tracks.

    Derek Torres’ psych-pop project T0W3RS has always been ambitiously entertaining, whether performing as a six-piece rock odyssey or a theatrical one-man jukebox. Two years after his debut LP If All We Have Is Time garnered praise from bloggers and music lovers across the country, T0W3RS returns with his much-anticipated new full-length TL;DR (or too long; didn’t read). The album’s 10 songs find Torres merging exploratory electronic sounds with traditional rock elements, resulting in an imaginative and irresistible pop journey. TL;DR will be released on colored vinyl and digital on November 11.

    Both The Tills and T0W3RS are slated to play Raleigh’s acclaimed Hopscotch Music Festival in September. Stay tuned for more shows to be announced soon!

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PHZ-001: Season of 1000 Colors  by Estrangers

PHZ-003: Howlin'  by The Tills

PHZ-004: TL;DR  by T0W3RS


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